Crystal Therapy

“The first time Fabienne worked with me with the crystal I was very unsure of what was going to happen. But she made me feel comfortable and relaxed. She worked with the crystal to unblock my creativity in my art work. On the way home after the first session I felt very relaxed and calm. The next week I was able to start on a painting that I had been putting off for months because I had been very unsure of how to do it.

The next time that we worked together with the crystal we found that the areas that had been blocked were far less than before. In fact it was several hours later in the day that a total feeling of happiness and relaxation came over me. I knew then that the power of the crystal was working still. The crystal has also helped in reducing and gradually eliminating the pain in my hand and foot that I received from a fall.

People have now noticed a big difference in my art work and how it seems to have more light and energy than ever before. Fabienne has helped me to open up and become more comfortable with accepting help and compliments about my work. I am always looking forward to each new painting that is before me now.

She has been wonderful in helping me to understand myself and my art. Thank you so much Fabienne for your healing insight and help. You are an amazing person!”

Kathleen Bennett 


“Fabienne gave me a hypnosis treatment recently when I was in an extremely low energy state, lacking the passion to move ahead with steps I needed to take in securing new employment. I had been downsized from employment in the technology industry three times in the last ten years; and while I could be justified in feeling listless and lost, I couldn’t afford to lose time in this “zombie” state. Following the treatment with Fabienne, I have been much more balanced in my energy both physically and emotionally and have found myself able to move ahead unburdened with worry and with a high level of hope.”
Arline B. Hodges

Hi Fabienne,

   I just wanted to thank you again for a WONDERFUL session. I left you feeling light and excited about what is to come for me, and my book.

   Also, I have found that getting into my “bubble” is so much easier than ever before. I feel so safe and protected now that I added the shell. I thank you again for ALL your positive energy and help.



  “Thank you for helping me find ‘peace and calmness’ in my life again. I was truly amazed how much more focused and relaxed I became after my session with you. Now I have to learn to work on myself daily, to stay in that place.”



Dear Fabienne,
I have been suffering for two and a half years with serious back pain at a level 13 of pain. My doctors told me the pain level only goes to 10 and I said, “well, I’m at a 13″. I had consulted a Pain Specialist and was given steroid shots in my back, which did nothing. I saw a neurosurgeon and was told I would need back surgery. I had not mentioned my pain to Fabienne because we were good friends and I did not want to bother her with my problem, but when she saw me barely able to walk and limping in pain; she said something to me. I told her all about my back problems and she immediately said I do not need surgery. She said she would do a treatment of Palmtherapy for me. I said sure and away we went. An hour later, I immediately felt relief from the pain I had experienced continuously. For over 25 days, I had zero pain. It was unbelievable that I went from 13 to 0. I received a second treatment 4th of July weekend and continue to feel great. I would highly recommend this treatment, it doesn’t hurt like steroid shots where they put you to sleep and put needles in your back.”


Thank you for the work you did with me. It has helped tremendously with my business as well as my relationship with my Mom. Thank you so much!”
Love and Peace to you, Linda 

“Hello Fabienne,
I came to see you a couple of years ago for guilty feelings that I had while going through my divorce. I found that the one session I received from you using the palmtherapy really helped me a great deal.”

Dear Fabienne

Only a couple of days ago I lived under this cloud of anger, hostility and aggression.
Believe me I thought I had tried everything to let it go but I couldn’t or wouldn’t. You are so right when you told me “there is always a solution”.
Then you and I sat together and you held my hand and spoke softly to me, and “did that thing you do”. An hour later something inside me had changed so dramatically it is sort of beyond words.
All I can do is share some results. I now feel like I have sunshine in my heart. It is a natural and easy feeling. Where there was a wall of icy stone over my feelings now there is sweetness and kindness. I am transformed.
By the way, people have noticed the change. They feel a different energy coming from me.
You have a special way, a special gift. Thank you from my soul.
Grace Elizabeth

Hi Fabienne!

I honestly don’t know what I would’ve done without you…I felt like I was dying and I know that God and my guides led me to you.  I can’t thank you enough again for everything…

Monica 🙂

I just realized that you cleared so much junk from my mind/body yesterday and that is directly why I feel so good today.
You made room for the good energy to thrive and flow and be released at the right time to manifest what I need. You are the best in every way.
All thanks to you… in gratitude and love,

Spiritual Counseling

“Hi Fabienne,
I just wanted to say thank you for the session we had with you. That night, I did a complete page (three columns) of affirmations on forgiveness, grace, and dignity, and I feel I’ve finally opened a new door.

I appreciate the time you spent on both of us, and appreciate your sincerity.”
Take care, Andrea

   “I find Fabienne’s intuitive work to be deeply healing and transformational. She is a gift in my life.”
Rev. Sandy Moore

Remote Healing

 “Thank you, Fabienne, for the remote healing dowsing session for my dear cat, Ninnie. As you know, she suffered from terrible nightmares almost all her adult life. When she slept, she would shake and meow with scared little whimpers and wake up suddenly, disoriented and very frightened. She would find me, and come and snuggle her cheek on top of mine and hold me close, like a child, until I could calm her. I could tell she was scared and distraught.
After our remote healing session, she was like a new kitty. She was fearless, and would run around, play, and be inquisitive, just like when she was a kitten.
She sleeps well, and I can tell her spirit is fresh and lighthearted. We both thank you so much.”
xoxo-Andrea and Ninnie 

Seminars & Retreats