Kimberly Kasparian

Prior to knowing Fabienne Marneau, I was injured in a car accident and still recovering almost 2 years feeling stuck, scared and concerned because I was attracting drama and felt energetically blocked.
I felt an immediate connection with Fabienne and your natural gifts of intuition empathy and healing.
I had 4 simple yet powerful sessions together. I Immediately felt lighter more peaceful like something shifted. Each session created a deeper sense of connection and peace. Since our sessions, my inner critic voice shifted into a cheerleader comforter. I started to trust my possibilities and connection to attract success like I used to.

The next week closed $4000 worth of business and have been making good connections via networking. It is like people see who I am. I have been getting multiple referral.calls and people.are connecting to me in a very authentic way. They feel my value.
I know this shift is due to work with Fabienne. As a coach who everyone comes to for answers, it was awesome to have a great coach/healer to turn to for myself when I was feeling vulnerable.