Spiritual Counseling

What is Angel Healing?  

Born Clairvoyant, Fabienne Marneau opens her heart to connect with the Infinite Spirit of love and compassion for healing purposes. Angel Therapy Practitioner and Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, specialized in Time Line Therapy & Life Regression, Fabienne developed her own style of Spiritual Guided Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Counseling. It involves healing with Angelic Guidance, Soul readings, and clearing of negative burdens. 
Angel Healing-Counseling is an intuitive reading from Source guidance that promotes spiritual, mental and physical healing. Therapeutic Dowsing can be done as distance healing and/or counseling to find the higher good of all.   Spiritual guidance restores peace and harmony in all areas of our lives. Freedom from stress and emotional burdens such as confusion, anger, sadness, etc… manifests instant miracles. Rediscover new possibilities of abundance, health, joy, and love. Reclaim your self-power and welcome the ultimate Peace of the Divine Presence. Fabienne Marneau is a Clairaudient, Clairsentient, and Clair-cognizant whose life purpose is to facilitate self-healing, empowerment, and creativity.   A session offers the loving messages your guardian angels, spirit guides, ascended masters and deceased loved ones share to answer life’s questions. The session also helps remove energy blocks to open the communication to receive divine guidance so you may move forward on your path, feeling more confident of your life purpose and inspired to make decisions.  Fabienne’s sessions of Heart Soul Therapy using Spiritual Hypnotherapy and Energy Healing are very powerful tools for healing under angelic guidance.   Spiritual Counseling taps into the power center both within you and within your spiritual counselor. Giving credence to this immaterial intelligence, Fabienne can aid you in hearing the messages in your heart, supporting you to take action and affect changes from that place of inner strength.   We all have an inner guidance system that knows what’s best for us and can support us to be on purpose in our lives. Just listen for that voice and understand that it has merit equal to and complementary to cognitive thoughts.   With attention to this realm, while listening closely to you, Fabienne Marneau can access valuable information in the form of intuitive connections, visualizations, and thoughts that may seem to “come from left field.” Then, without attachment to outcome, Fabienne can offer this information as a catalyst to support you in making a shift and then taking action.  Counseling Relationships with Fabienne Marneau counseling system it is easy to harmonize relationship issues in the format of individual sessions with each partner separate or with couples together. Most of the time we will alternate the sessions to follow the natural evolution of communication skills and emotional healing.