Self-Hypnosis CDs

To change habits and create new positive beliefs system you need 90 days of repeated self-hypnosis sessions to perform lasting effects on brain functions and reprogram the subconscious mind. Fabienne’s Self-Hypnosis CD’s guided meditations and affirmations will assist you in your journey of self-actualization through mind-reprogramming.

Self-Hypnosis Collections

Self-Hypnosis Recording

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Healing With Mother Earth

Physical and emotional healing from visualization with our loving Mother Earth energy. Discover the path to connect with your Angels and Guides more clearly when using Healing with Mother Earth self-hypnosis CD. 

Mind Programming with positive and healing affirmations that you can listen to when relaxing as background music, or use them to fall asleep. Your subconscious mind never sleeps, so as well using this precious time for a healing and inspirational purpose.

Self-Love CD

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Self-Hypnosis Recordings

Fabienne uses the healing energy of her voice to create deep relaxation and reprogram the mind in her guiding visualizations.

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Healing with Mother Earth


Guided Visualizations & Meditations

Create Your Own CD

With Fabienne guidance, you can create your own mind-reprogramming according to your specific needs.

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