Past Life Regression Therapy

​”According to quantum physics,” said theoretical physicists Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow, “the past, like the future, is indefinite and exists only as a spectrum of possibilities.”
If it is true that I am energy and that energy cannot die, only transform, then I cannot die. To find the cause and release of physical, emotional and energy blocks, Past life Regression brings a person closer with the past and deeper healing into the present.

Heart Soul Therapy spiritual guided hypnotherapy offers understanding and remedy to fears, phobias, addictions, and blocks of any kind in relationships, life patterns, as well as limited belief systems regarding abundance, joy and self expression.
See article on “Fear of Changes”.
It is important to experience the cause of any challenge to assimilate and be fully aware of the learning lessons attached to life choices and circumstances to learn from the past and let go of the effect for a greater self-actualization and freedom.

Eternity – Soul Painting by Fabienne

What is reincarnation?

​I’ve been investigating reincarnation all my life having experienced spontaneous images and knowledge as far back as early childhood that I can recall. However, I still cannot tell you with absolute certainty how reincarnation works, or what it means. Carl Yung talked about the Collective Unconscious, as “a reservoir of the experiences of our species”. What I do know is that everyone has past life memories tucked away in their subconscious mind and cell memories. When properly accessed, these memories can help to release any present fear, pain, and distorted emotions or limiting beliefs.
No matter how it works, or even if it’s a reality, past life regression has anxiety releasing results. Often a long-term problem is immediately resolved. Depending upon the type of karma you’re dealing with, learning the cause of your problem can alleviate an effect or begins the process of letting go.

David Viscott, M.D. said, “All feelings come from some definite event, even if that event cannot be clearly defined or located in time.”

Reincarnation is a tool that works. It would be pretentious to pretend that we can understand, with our present mind, dimensions that belong to the ultimate plan of consciousness. Quantum Physics revealed that time is nonlinear, an eternal present with multiple planes of consciousness. Impossible to apprehend with thoughts, but can be experienced when fully present in the now. I believe that it is happening when we do Time Line Therapy or Spiritual Hypnotherapy because we feel time distortion and deep serenity.

​During my Past Life Regressions, in private settings or seminars, I shall direct you to be a spectator, not to feel emotional again but to understand the actual purpose of the past situation. You will not feel any negative emotions; you will only be able to understand the story behind the story of your soul metaphors.

Using regressive hypnosis, you will find the cause and since “Wisdom erases Karma” (Dick Sutphen), you will direct your subconscious mind to heal and forgive the past mistakes and or trauma. You will be guided through each step in a safe and empowering way.

In regression therapy, the subject is guided to go back in time to the actual first-time event, when the fear or traumatic memories manifested. Such a precise moment is also called the “root” of the negative emotion. Pulling those roots will not be sufficient until all the emotions linked to that event are cleared. We often have to go back in time before our birth or even incarnation. Specific work also has to be done in regard to our ancestor’s influence in the dynamic of our Karma. The family line is one of the most powerful roots that can limit or stimulate our soul’s evolution.

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