Palmtherapy®  is one of the most effective energy healing therapy capable to reduce physical or emotional pain; eliminate the negative effects of Past Traumatic Syndromes and grief. 

  Trained by Moshe Zwang, inventor of Palmtherapy®, Fabienne Marneau, CH* can assist you with:


  • Pain management (with Dr.’s referral only) 
  • Fear of surgeries (dental, medical, cosmetic) 
  • Fear of public speaking 
  • Stress at work/home 
  • Broken heart – Separation/divorce 
  • Anger 
  • Grief after the death of a loved one 
  • Anxiety 
  • Phobias 
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Negative childhood memories 
  • Overeating due to stress 
  • Low self-esteem 
  • Overreacting irritated easily 
  • Self-hate, self-sabotage, procrastination 
  • Guilt feelings 
  • Talented but underachieving   

What Is Palmtherapy®?

What is Palmtherapy?

The hand, although a small section of the body, has a relatively large area of representation in the brain. In 1985, Moshe Zwang, author, inventor, and healer, invented a new method to relieve stress within minutes and to stimulate one’s growth and success through the hands. He describes it in his book “Palm Therapy: Program Your Mind Through Your Palms”. 
Palmtherapy® is the art and practice of enhancing optimum potential, self-growth, fulfillment, and success in most aspects of life through the reeducation of specific areas and lines in the palms of the hands, which describe one’s personality, including willpower, talents, childhood memories, future planning.
Palmtherapy’s stimulation sends direct suggestions for the re-education of the mind’s activities and belief system via the various hand/brain/mind connections and communications. Palmtherapy® bypasses the cognitive mind’s critique and disapproval for new changes in thinking and behavior patterns. Therefore, it may lead to rapid improvement and wellness of the mind, such as in mood, behavior and thinking patterns, talents, personality and eventually, to one’s self-growth and success.

Modalities Of Palmtherapy®

A Palmtherapy® session is done in one or more of the following modalities:

A – Palmar crease reeducation: (reeducation of the main lines of the palms of the hands).

B – Emotional reeducation: Hand/head directed movement while using verbal/mental affirmations.

C – Energetic Palmtherapy®: Non-touch and nonverbal spiritual Palmtherapy healing (similar to Qi Gong; the energy is sent in a non-touch modality directly toward the client’s palm (s) of the hand (s). View Testimonials >>

Your Palm has a large area of representation in the brain and direct suggestions for the re-education of the mind’s activities and belief system can be activated via the hand/brain/mind connection.

Fabienne utilizes Palmtherapy® in conjunction with Time Line Therapy for deep and fast healing. This unique technique is capable of bypassing the cognitive function of the brain to transform physical/mental/emotional blocks( pain, anger, grief, phobias and other dysfunctions). 

What Others Says…

Dear Fabienne

Only a couple of days ago I lived under this cloud of anger, hostility, and aggression.

Believe me, I thought I had tried everything to let it go but I couldn’t or wouldn’t. You are so right when you told me “there is always a solution”.

Then you and I sat together and you held my hand and spoke softly to me, and “did that thing you do”. An hour later something inside me had changed so dramatically it is sort of beyond words.

All I can do is share some results. I now feel like I have sunshine in my heart. It is a natural and easy feeling. Where there was a wall of icy stone over my feelings now there is sweetness and kindness. I am transformed.

By the way, people have noticed the change. They feel different energy coming from me.

You have a special way, a special gift. Thank you from my soul.
Grace Elizabeth