Heart Soul Therapy

Heart Soul Therapy is the alchemy effective combination of multiple alternative medicine modalities that Fabienne practice and teaches to help people who wish to improve the quality of their physical, mental and spiritual life. Fabienne Marneau’s professional lifetime passion for healing therapies makes her a leading expert for rejuvenation; improving self-esteem; reducing stress, anxiety, anger, resentment, and addictions. Fabienne specialized in PTSD and grief with great success.


What is Healing?

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All healing is self-healing…

Healing Therapy Modalities

Fabienne Marneau integrate energy healing in various hypnotic modalities

Create Your Own CD

With Fabienne guidance, you can create your own mind-reprogramming according to your specific needs.

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Heart Soul Therapy

Fabienne Marneau founder of Destination Harmony created Heart Soul Therapy to integrate holistic alternative medicine techniques such as energy healing, hypnotherapy mind-reprogramming, and spiritual guidance.


Heart Soul Therapy holistic alternative medicines modalities:

  • NES Bio-Energetic – Now available in the USA after 30 years of Quantum physics research, NES Bio-energetic regulate the energetic field with a non-invasive MyHealth devise and Infoceuticals according to NES scan.
  • Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Therapy to find the cause of present emotional blocks or health challenges; Time Line Therapy to clear Post Traumatic Syndromes, help find solutions; Emotional Release Therapy.
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy successful for smoking cessation weight control without dieting, rejuvenation, forever young anti-age system, stress-free, and relaxation.
  • Palmtherapy for traumatic memories, grief, phobias are a mind programming healing technique also efficient when working with children.
  • Crystal Therapy to harmonize and clear Chakra; Therapeutic Dowsing and Telepathic Healing.
  • Fabienne expertise as Aesthetician (Skin Care specialist) and Energy Practitioner combined with a genuine passion for beauty, art and wellness make the experience of rejuvenation, relaxation and even healing a real pleasure and comfort for the body, mind, and soul.


There are seven conditions to complete self-healing. Read Article: What is Healing

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